People Of Europe.. Wait for Erdogan’s Surprises

When Erdogan said Europeans will never walk in peace in their cities he wasn’t throwing words in the air, he said that in in a speech addressed to the public. That speech came as France and Austria’s days and nights became full of gunshots and knives accompanied by screams like “Allah Akbar” (God is great).

“Once again, I call on all Europeans who threaten us.. if you continue with us this way, tomorrow neither Europeans nor Westerns will be able to walk on step safely,” Erdogan said in his speech, addressing all Europeans without distinction between governments and peoples.

With what he is threatening Europeans and when?

When: in the evening when terrorist attacks took place in Paris and Nice, when bloods were still fresh.

President Erdogan did not mention anything regarding the threats directly, but if we dig in his words, we find that he counts on a magic power that he hides in his pocket. Erdogan has inherited the Muslim Brotherhood’s culture, and he knows with no doubts that it is not recently that the MB did started targeting EU, and it is not a response for Charlie Hebdo. Their strategy is linked to the “Great Project,” which dates back to many decades ago. The details of the Great Project were revealed in a very important document set by the MB member Yousuf Nadda, the title of which is: Seizing Europe.

It was revealed by Yousuf al-Qaradawi in December 2002, when he said on Al-Jazeera Channel to his supporters and followers that “Muslims will return to Europe as conquerors and victorious after being expelled twice, the first time from the south of the continent in Andalusia, and the second time from its east, in Athens.”

In his speech, Erdogan repeated literally what his instructor said, reminding his supporters that “This is Europe that was the Muslim nation’s enemy in the mediaeval era.”

“That who hits will be hit,” Erdogan added, as if he is mixing the past with present, although not only Europe, but also the whole world has stopped getting into historical complications, as history, according to Mahatma Gandhi, is no more than eyes poking.

In his speech, the Turkish president summarized his strategy in the so-called “Seizing Europe.” He must have good bases to rely on, most notably what he repeated in previous speeches while directing his words to the Europeans, “I will throw immigrants in your faces,” knowing that those immigrants were involved in violence, trained in Turkish camps, and Turkey was their haven, their hotel, and their weapons store. ISIS indeed is one of those factions that drink from the Turkish well.

The terrorist operations in France and Austria confirmed that if Erdogan says he does, and it became crystal clear that his groups are working today to invade Europe, so no European will be able to walk peacefully, because of threatening his security with weapons from one side, and because of the mob that walks in the streets exclaiming that the army of Prophet Mohammed will return.

An army of immigrants created by the MB has already arrived in Europe, an army that is moving according to the will of the preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi. It includes the first generation of immigrants until the fourth generation. They are young people, who were forced to believe that integration is disbelief, that their stay in European countries is conquering, and that they are in the process of empowerment.  That was one of the fatwas of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he visited Cologne in Germany, in February 2018, to participate in the opening of one of its mosques.

Both Erdogan and Qaradawi stressed that Muslims should have their own small communities inside the bigger community; otherwise they will dissolve in the bigger community like salt dissolves in water.

To this end, Qaradawi calls on Muslims to look at Jews’ historical experience as he asks: “who could the Jews maintain their privacy in the European communities for many decades?”

Qaradawi calls on Muslims to establish their own Ghetto, and the administration of that Ghetto, according to him, should base on Islamic law (Sharia), that’s why there should be preachers dedicated for the “Islamic Islands,” to face any challenges that might erupt in the Muslims’ daily life there.

There is no doubt that the Imams and preachers will belong to the MB in the Ghetto environment which means the following:

Isolationism, differentiating themselves from the other, and as a result, rejecting the other, within the duality of faith and disbelief, because faith only means belonging to the MB, which believes that Europeans are infidels and Muslims who do not participate in their project are disbelievers. It might be mere negligence if we ignore Erdogan’s speech and we consider that it is far from that approach, the empowerment approach. The MB leadership that is based on this strategy of empowering the second and third generations of immigrants, found a fertile base to mobilize its supporters.

Such strategy prompted the Fatwa eaters to get out of their isolation with their sharp knives to behead a 70-years-old French woman in the city of Nice, and then shoot with a hunting gun a Christian priest in the city of Leon. Of course the 23-years-old Tunisian young man will lean on that strategy, which is the main source of hatred that will be spread in all Europe. The hatred will be spread in Europe by people who imprisoned themselves in the islands on solitude, the islands that Qaradawi called “Islands of Islam,” which are surrounded with non-Muslims.

From such islands they believe that the historical revenge is approaching, the revenge from a country that is not Christian anymore, as the French churches are deserted now, they visited only by old people who are vulnerable to Covid-19… A hundred and twenty five years passed since the birth of French constitution, it was a long period, enough to create the civilized human, the citizen… The taxpayer who believes in the power of work; not the religious person who follows the power of divine promise.

A power that President Erdogan monopolized, as if he is the “God’s shadow on earth and son-in-law of his God’s Messenger,.” Erdogan is the one who repeats his words to German Turks: “Integration or assimilation is a crime against humanity.”

Above all that, political money is flowing to them, whether from banks, black money, through donations, alms or zakat funds, that money turns into poison in their hands.

In conclusion, what does Erdogan need?

With Muslims’ bodies he will move his battles in Libya, Syria and with France in East Mediterranean, to the European cities and outskirts. With the Muslims’ blood is heading towards what he calls the “Greatest Conquer.” The Muslim refugees and immigrants who escaped the tyranny in homelands will be once again victims of Erdogan and MB project.

What can EU governments do in this case? This is the knife that cannot be avoided, and once it stabs it won’t be pulled out again.

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