Raisi’s Candidate for Foreign Affairs: We Have Established Militias in the Region and We Will Continue Supporting them

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the proposed candidate to run the Iranian Foreign Ministry, has acknowledged the Iranian regime’s role in establishing militias in the Arab region. “These groups were established to achieve sustainable security in the region, and that they have many other capabilities besides providing the region’s security,” he says.

In addition, Abdollahian has specified that Iran will continue to provide support to the affiliated militias in the Middle East. He has also emphasized that this step would be one of his main plans if he took over the foreign affairs portfolio within the government of the hardliner President, Ibrahim Raisi.

Abdollahian has described the armed groups as allies of the Iranian regime and that supporting them would be a pride for the Iranian government. Therefore, it is referred that the new Iranian government’s approach would not differ from its predecessors.

It is worthy of mention that Abdollahian had held the title of Deputy Foreign Minister during the rule of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former President, and that he is very close to the leadership of the Revolutionary Guards.

In addition, Abdollahian confirmed earlier that he would follow Qasem Soleimani’s approach, the former Quds Force commander, regarding the Iranian foreign policy. Abdollahian’s declaration was considered an attempt to get closer to the Revolutionary Guards, especially after Javad Zarif’s leaked statements, the former Iranian Foreign Minister, in which he criticized Soleimani’s dominance of foreign policy.

Concurrently, Abdollahian has stressed that he would not link the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the nuclear agreement, and that the negotiations on the nuclear agreement in Raisi’s government will not be draining and will serve the interests of the Iranian people.

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