Report Keeps Horrific Houthi Violations in Yemeni City Under Observation

The Monitoring Organization for Rights and Freedoms in Yemen has announced that during the period from September 2014 to mid-2021, they documented more than 4,500 violations committed by the Houthi militia against civilians in Al-Mahwit Governorate alone. The organization details that these violations included displacement, forced absence, child recruitment, deprivation of education and extrajudicial execution, as well as unfairly dismissing thousands of employees.

The organization has shown in a report that the number of field executions without trials amounted to 19 documented cases, and that 5 Yemeni citizens were executed according to rulings issued by courts that lacked legitimacy. According to the same report, 4 people were killed under torture in Houthi detention. The organiazation draws attention that these violations included kidnapping and forced disappearance of 1,692 civilians, including 9 women, 18 elderly people and 30 children under the age of 18.

The report has also accused the Houthi militia of violating the detainees’ rights by documenting 173 cases of physical and psychological torture in prisons run by militias in the aforementioned governorate. The organization points out that militia members have threatened 24 activists and politicians opposed to the Houthis with physical elimination.

Furthermore, the report has put on record the escalated recruitment of children into the militias and depriving them of education. The report takes notice that the Houthis recruited 175 underage children and deprived another 20,000 of the right to education as 13 schools had been converted into military barracks and housing for militias.

The report has documented displacing 8,910 people and dismissing 16,000 civilians and soldiers from public office while confiscating their rights and entitlements. Besides that, there are also 96 others that are under the danger of getting dismissed.

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