Controlling Sirte, the Gateway to Libya’s Treasures

The Libyan internal conflict – started back in 2011 – is escalating, as tensions between external parties involved in this conflict are increasing. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who supports the Libyan National Army commander Khalifa Hafter, announced that Egypt might start a military intervention in Libya, since Turkey is […]

Libyan Tribes Create Competition between Egypt, Algeria

More Algerian fear a possible violent conflict, as Egypt tends to arm Libyan tribes and bring them into conflict, whereas Algeria wants the tribes to have a role in formulating a political solution by pressuring the Libyan parties to sit at the negotiating table, ending the fierce war in Libya. […]

From Italy to Jordan – Drugs are the Syrian regime’s way to avoid sanctions and still earning money

Weeks after Italy has seized a drug shipment originated from Syria, the Jordanian army announced today that its border guard foiled an attempt to smuggle a drug shipment from the Syria into Jordan, containing 252 weed packs. The Jordanian army has announced several times earlier that it has seized attempts […]

Washington extrapolating the internal situation in Algeria

Washington has intensified its efforts to extrapolate the situation in Algeria. Its ambassador in the Algerian capital, John Desrocher, has contacted leaders of well-known political parties and Algerian President Abdel Majid Taboun, a move that confirms Washington’s desire to infer in the internal situation of the country. Moreover, Mr. Desrocher […]

Fateful Elections.. Turkey entering a decisive phase between republic and caliphate

While Turkish elections are due in about two years, the country is experiencing acceleration of events, both on internal and external levels, amid the involvement of the current government in many policies, which may lead to a clash with the international community, according to the political analyst Abdullah Al-Mirghani. Israeli […]

Turkish intelligence tried to pass off al-Qaeda, ISIS fighters as moderates in CIA/Pentagon vetting

Source: Nordic Monitor Abdullah Bozkurt Turkey’s spy agency, the National Intelligence Organization (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı, or MIT) hid information from the US military and the CIA about links to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) of what were described as moderate opposition Syrian fighters, during a […]

Turkey’s Army Escalating Conflict, Egypt Gets in the Way: Alarms of War in Sirte

A great war might be looming in the cities of Sirte and Jafra, as all indicators say that military intervention is inevitable. International endeavors and calls for ceasefire have failed in stopping the GNA, preparing for a large scale battle in Sirte. The GNA forces have already started moving towards […]

Secret Part of Ennahda Movement Involved in Political Assassinations

The Ennahda Movement is struggling with the Free Constitutional Party bloc inside the Parliament. More than 80 MPs have submitted a resolution text to withdraw confidence from the President of the Parliament, Rashid Ghannoushi; the list was submitted to the parliament’s administration. Meanwhile, the Ennahda movement is being challenged by […]
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