Middle East fears a coronavirus surge amid Eid celebrations

Despite lockdowns and curfews, streets in Jordan and Iran are busy for the end of Ramadan Outside bakeries in downtown Amman, queues stretched along the street and down the block. Nut retailers were mobbed, and sweet shops were down to their last desserts. It was as if coronavirus had never […]
البرلمان التونسي

Tunisia: Calls to Change Political System for Challenging Muslim Brotherhood

The parliamentary system might have deepened the political crisis and helped Muslim Brotherhood to expand Many voices in Tunisia are calling for a change in the parliamentary system and returning to the presidential one, having in mind a new linguistic term in Tunisia’s politics: the so-called “third republic”. These calls […]

Assad Regime Confiscates Rami Makhlouf’s Property, as Syrian Lira Collapses

New and accelerating repercussions have occurred on the crisis between Bashar al-Assad and his cousin, Rami Makhlouf, as the Syrian Finance Ministry issued a decision on May 19 to seize all movable and immovable property of Makhlouf, a businessman, who was the economic arm of the Syrian regime for 20 […]

Testimony by accused Syrian Torturer

This week, Anwar R., former member of the Syrian Intelligence and accused torturer of the Assad regime, presented his testimony before a German court in Koblenz. MENA Research and Studies reported already. Anwar R. is an attentive listener, he already obtained this by profession: the former colonel of the General […]

A global Islamist Network gains foothold in EU

Abdul-Wached Niyazov was delighted when 300 people romped in front of the mosque of a Berlin community center in early April, causing a scandal: “Alhamdulillah, very good news,” the Russian president of the Islamic European Muslim Forum (EMF) wrote on Instagram. He shared a video of the campaign with his […]
حسن نصر الله

On the Ruins of Lebanon, Hezbollah says: We are the Power

“I am the power,” this is the conclusion of Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech, in which he officially announced dominating Lebanon and being the sole decision maker in the country, particularly the decision related to the illegal border crossings between Syria and Lebanon and which are controlled by Hezbollah.  After dominating […]
التنقيب التركي عن النفط

Turkey and Its Neo-Ottoman Strategy in Libya

Economic accounts, this is the starting point from which the political researcher Jana Jabour of the Institut d’Études Politiques Paris, is the starting point of Turkish interests in Libya that are not limited to political goals and ideological agendas. The financial and economic dimension of the Turkish intervention would appear […]

US-Iranian Struggle for Influence in Iraq

The new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadimi has vowed to punish the Iran-backed militias that shed Iraqi blood. “We promised that those who have been involved in shedding Iraqi blood will not sleep at night” the Iraqi PM tweeted. Having that said, the PM seems to be initiating a new […]
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