Revolutionary Guards.. New Infuriating Iranian Project in Iraq

Iraqi political circles and commentators on social media have expressed their rejection of Falih Al-Fayyadh statements, head of the Iraqi PMF as Al-Fayyadh has called for benefiting from IRGC experience in Iran.

Iraqi commentators have drawn attention to the fact that AL-Fayyadh ignored the Iraqi people’s rejection of Iranian-backed militias being present in Iraqi territory; in addition, he ignored what they described as the crimes of the IRGC. According to these commentators, the IRGC are considered as a symbol for dictatorship and security grip. They have pointed out that since October of the year 2019, the Iraqi people have been out in almost continuous demonstrations demanding to get rid of the guardianship modality and the security grip imposed by Iran and its security and military services

It is noteworthy that Al-Fayyadh made his statements in his last visit to Iran, where he expressed his pride in that institution established by the Islamic Republic of Iran as he said. He praised what he said was the support of the Iranian guards and the Iranian people to the PMF and the Iraqi people.

Meanwhile, Ramadan Al Badran, researcher on Iraqi affairs, has described Al-Fayyadh’s thought as being part of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist school, which is the basis of the existing regime in Tehran. Badran has emphasized that there are real efforts to implement the experience of the IRGC in Iraq.

Badran has touched on that the essence of this new project is for Iraq to submit to the state of the Islamic Jurist in Iran, especially since PMF in Iraq was built on the same idea that ​​the IRGC had been built on.

 “Falih’s call for the PMF to be like the IRGC means that the PMF will be able eventually to ascend to the head of military authority,” Badran adds.

Badran has also warned against efforts to make Iraq as state governed by Iran instead of being considered a civil. These efforts start by working to implement the idea of ​​the IRGC in Iraq, according to Sky News.

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