Russia Sends Fighters Carrying Hypersonic Missiles to Syria

Russia has sent MiG-31K fighters, capable of carrying hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, to Khmeimim Air Base in Syria for the first time.

The Russian Defense Ministry has said that joint traineeships by the forces of the Mediterranean Fleet and the Air Force will begin on Friday.

 “As part of the traineeships at the Russian Khmeimim Air Base in the Syrian Arab Republic, two MiG-31K aircraft, which have the ability to use the latest hypersonic missiles including the Kinzhal, took off,” the Ministry adds.

The commander of one of the MiG-31K fighters has also stated that by order of the military command, hypersonic missile carriers will perform training missions in Syria.

Earlier, military sources had said that the hypersonic “Kinzhal” missile can exceed the speed of sound by ten times and covers two thousand kilometers and bypassing all current air and missile defense systems.

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