Russian Newspaper: Iran Uses Sea Routes to Transport Weapons to Syria

Iran has switched from land to sea routes to transport weapons to Syria, under Russian cover, Eurasia Daily newspaper indicated in an article.

“Amid confusing reports of a drone attack on an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean, bound for Syria. It seems that Iran has shifted its arms shipments to Syria and Lebanon from land – where Israel regularly monitors and destroys them – to the sea,” the newspaper says according to the translation of Russia Today.

“Here, arms transfers can be protected from Russian warships in the Mediterranean,” it adds.

The newspaper quoted sources in the Israeli defense system that the shipping documents for Iranian ships, which leave the Red Sea through the Suez Canal and reach the Mediterranean, indicate that they only carry oil. However, there are indications that “oil is not the only cargo.”

Israel finds itself in a position where it cannot do much to stop this new route from Iran to Syria.

In the context, Uzi Rabie, an Israeli expert on Iranian affairs, told Breaking Defense site, the specialist in military issues, that Moscow is achieving two goals here: it shows Washington its limited operational capabilities in the Middle East. In addition, Moscow supports Iran in negotiations with the United States on the nuclear deal.

Military analysts say the latest Russian surface ships and submarines armed with winged Kalibr missiles could target the entire Mediterranean region and much of the Middle East. According to Rabie, Israel appears almost paralyzed when Iranian ships sail across the Mediterranean on their way to Syria after crossing the Suez Canal, because “the rules of the game at sea are different.”

“What could have been achieved when Israel was moving against land and air supplies of weapons from Iran to Syria is not possible when operations at sea are conducted under a Russian umbrella,” Rabie adds.

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