Shiite Duo in Lebanon Insists on Dismissing Judge Tarek Bitar

 “We are at a pivotal stage in Lebanon history, and the important thing is that we do what we have to; we are in harmony with ourselves and assured that our posture is a righteous one that serves the supreme national interest on the security and stability levels and blocks the sedition project woven by American threads and implemented by internal Lebanese tools, and some of these tools are judicial, however,  not limited to Judge Tarek Bitar, and other tools are non-judicial,” says Aljoumhouria, the Lebanese newspaper, restating sources in the Shiite duo, Hezbollah and Amal Movement.

“If the Council of Ministers had taken the appropriate measure on Tuesday and that is, assigning Justice Minister Henry Khoury, in accordance with his powers, to take all necessary measures to put an end to Judge Bitar’s transgressions aimed at dragging the country into strife, what happened today, Thursday, would have never happened; we will not retreat from our positions, especially after what happened, and the head of the strife must be dismissed,” the sources add.

“What happened in the Teyouneh neighborhood was a revised and new version of the incident that happened in the center of Ain El Remmaneh, and if it were not for our wisdom, we would have slipped into something much more dangerous, and today we hold Bitar responsible for the bloodshed, and we are still waiting for the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, to see what we see after all the data and facts have become clear. These are the facts that are beyond any doubt that we are before a judge who serves an agenda targeting the country’s security and stability. We are expecting from the president to get us out of this kiln and carry the country forward, and we bet that he will not hesitate to do so,” sources in the Shiite duo point out.

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