Shiite Influence in Lebanon… Disagreement on dollar trade

For the first time in Lebanon, Hezbollah and Amal Movement are publically criticized by their own communities in the Lebanese South and Bekaa. The criticism is a result of the insecurity and crimes committed by the two in their regions, in addition to the dollar black market, which turned the regions into a “small hell”, according the people living there.

In addition to this, there is a muffled disagreement between Hezbollah and Amal Movement, which became obvious in the competition for dollar trading in Lebanon.

It was clear when a group affiliated with the Amal Movement in the city of Tire called on Sunday those who are financially affected for a sit-in in Al-Qasam square under the cloak of Moussa Al-Sadr to demand ending their deprivation.

Because that step was not taken in coordination with Hezbollah, it called on its supporters not to participate, causing confusion and creating an atmosphere of tension, without announcing the cancellation or postponement of the sit-in.

According to Lebanese media, no one participated at all in the sit-in that was supposed to take place today at 11:00, with security forces present to protect the sit-in.

Residents told MENA Research and Study Centre that people have not participated because they feared a clash between Amal Movement and Hezbollah, as the latter threats to break the sit-in in all possible ways, even by weapons if necessary.

Insecurity in Bekaa and South

The twain controls South Lebanon, and share influence with the clans and the armed families. Skirmishes have sometimes reached the limit of clash, which has increased the complexity and intimidation of the people in those areas, with attempts by each one of them to dominate the area sometimes by random fire and bombs.

In a new development, individual disagreement occurred between members of two families where they exchange fire and rocket bombs in Raʾs al-ʿAyn district in Baalbek, with no casualties reported.

Activist in Bekaa held the Security committee of the district that is affiliated with Shiite twain, responsible for what happens, as Hezbollah’s security and military leadership in the region are responsible for the security.

Many shooting incidents between houses took place. For the third time in Bint Jbeil, an unknown gunman shot in a residential area. The first time was in the outskirts of the city and the second in the popular Bint Jubayl market during the day.

Trading USD Competition

Recently, critiques of Hezbollah from its own community raised their voices in rejection of its policy. Hezbollah obliged clients who have already received loans to repay them in the US dollar by creating mechanisms of withdrawing funds from associations that belong to it, playing the role of banks by providing customers with loans together with gold mortgages and other banking transactions.

In addition, the conflict between the two Shiite parties reached the exchange job against the backdrop, where each of them try to control the illegal dollar trade, a conflict that left casualties in both sides.

The last incident was called “night of explosive intimidation” in Tire, when a soldier, used to fight in Syria within the Elite Units of Hezbollah

The South news website confirmed that the so-called “Wissam Juhair” carried out last night a bombs’ foray in Tire, throwing three bombs, one of them hit his car. Reports say that many civilians were injured. The information indicates that Juhair had two other bombs, one did not explode, and the other was caught with him and he was unable to pull its triger.

According to the site, the problem of Juhair, who then surrendered to the intelligence services, is due to recent problems between the Shiite twain competition for dollar trade and exchange points, against the backdrop of financial competition.

On the contrary, the official story of the Shiite twain says the Juhair threw three bombs because he suffers psychological and health problems.

The twain’s story was not believed, as those who know Juhair they knows that he has no health or psychological problems and has recently come from combat missions in Syria. Rumors say that the security services knew before the incident takes place, as competitors in the USD trade had exchanged threats and voice messages.

Patronage and Security Corruption

“As usual, the perpetrators and those involved in crimes of the South and the Bekaa are not tried, they escape in various ways through political and security patronage, corruption, under the pretext of reconciliation,” local sources said to MENA Study and Research Centre.

“The problem is that the political leadership holds the security and military forces responsible,” a security source was quoted by Lebanese media as saying after the Baalbek clash. “When we ask to bring any perpetrator for justice, they intervene to release them under pretext that he belongs to the committee.”

Amid the disagreement between the Shiite twain, the living situation of the supporters is getting worse. In addition, they arrest and detain their critiques who criticize their intervention in the Syrian revolution.

That was followed by looting civilians’ properties, trading with drugs, antiques and dollar black market.

Above all, their salaries were halved after decreasing the support of Iranian militias due to the US sanctions, and this is apart from the threat of a new confrontation with Israel within the Iranian response on the assassination of the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh.

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