Social Diversity and its Effects on the Political Situation

By: Rasheed Hawrani Different countries in the world usually pay attention to the internal structure of their societies and manage social diversity and pluralism. Human communities are different in terms of geography, values, demography, ethnicity and culture, they have different ideologies in which all the above-mentioned factors interact. Ideological diversity […]

Assur Assyrians in Syria

By: Karam Douly Introduction This study comes in the context of more exchange of culture and introduction of components of the Syrian society. It is a chance for those components to get to know each other by giving the chance to each component to introduce itself. This exchange of knowledge […]

State and Civil Society, Controversial Relation

By: Ahmad Al Remh Syrian Committees for the resurrection of civil society is a good example. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Eastern Warsaw Treaty Organization beginning of the 1990s, the Cold War ended with a sweeping unconditional victory for the Capitalist West. Soon, totalitarian regimes started […]

Re-construction of Syria, the Country and Human Beings

By: Osama Aghi Introduction Reconstruction of Syria following internal fierce war provoked by regional and International powers with different interests, which have got nothing to do with interests of Syrian,s has become a task that needs a Strategic road-map for various aspects of reconstruction of infrastructure and human beings. This […]

Civil Society, Prospects of Prosperity, a Necessity and a Must

By: Huzan Khadaj A special file of the task of Civil Society, its assumptions and necessity for Arab societies in general and for Syria in particular. Upon reviewing the status quoi of Arabic societies, we can see how these societies turn a blind eye on facts and suffer from social […]

Al Rakkah, an Icon and a Victim of the Syrian Revolution

By: Najm El Deen Najm, A Syrian journalist and writer who is interested in European thought, philosophy and enlightenment  This study discusses the changes through which Al Rakkah has gone during the years of Syrian Revolution on all military, social and political levels, and the consequences of these changes that […]

Clans of Eastern Syria

By: Usama Aghasi A study on the revolutionary and political role of clans in Eastern Syria, before and during the Syrian Revolution. Focus will be on the following issues: The concept of clan and its social and political role Role of clan in the peaceful mobility Role of clans in […]

Islamic Faith, the Criteria and Value Question

Statistic field study on Syrians’ patterns of Islamic faith   By: Hamza Rastanawi The percentage of participants who adopt a discriminatory attitude that justifies killing for doctrinal reasons i.e. criminal Muslim is 4% like in the case of abandoning prayers and the marriage of Muslim girl to a Christian, or the […]

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