refugees in greece

Study: A Western View on The Refugee Crisis in Syria, Turkey and Greece

The dramatically increasing refugee crisis in the Syrian province of Idlib, on the Greek islands and at the EU’s external borders shows that the EU is torn apart in terms of asylum and migration policy and is hardly capable of acting in terms of foreign and security policy. What can […]
المسلمون في أوروبا

The West in the Eyes of Eastern, Contemporary Reading – Thesis and Interpretations

Unlike the books of Bernard Lewis, Huntington, author of “The Clash of Civilizations” back in 1993, or Francis Fukuyama, author of “The End of History and The Last Man” from 1992, this article does not discuss the viewpoint of the intellectual elites of the West with regard to Islamic societies. […]

Social Diversity and its Effects on the Political Situation

By: Rasheed Hawrani Different countries in the world usually pay attention to the internal structure of their societies and manage social diversity and pluralism. Human communities are different in terms of geography, values, demography, ethnicity and culture, they have different ideologies in which all the above-mentioned factors interact. Ideological diversity […]

Religious Extremism and Political Islam in Historical and Political Context- A Brutal Violation of Religion

By: MENA Monitor enlightenment unit Introduction Many people ask how one can become part of a group, which is ready to die for the sake of their ideas based on their strong belief that they are the represent of an Islamic idea, expected to prevail on earth. Is it possible […]

Women Fighters, a Restoration of Power, or Another Kind of Capitulation

By: MENA Monitor analyst unit The idea of a female involvement in fighting battles is not strange to what generations have always inherited as it has been woven after myths. Mobilization of women throughout the world correlates with this inherited culture. However, there is always a margin in between the […]

Extremism of Deviant Islamists between Relative Religious Scripts and Static Vision

By Osama Aghi Linguistically speaking, the word “extremism” refers to an extreme. When we say that someone is an extremist, it means that he is far away from norms and that he has abandoned the limits of thought and got to a point of absurdness which is very dangerous for […]
خامنئي مع قادة الحرس الثوري

How can the Iranian Regime be Excluded from the Arab World

Department of Strategic Studies at Middle East and North Africa Media Monitor MENA Since World War II, the world has never witnessed a humanitarian catastrophe that caused such a big loss of lives like that which has been caused by the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Immediately after […]

Hamas, Financial Problems, The Dark Internet and Bitcoins

Assessment of the situation The announcement by some countries to have listed the Islamistic movement Hamas as a banned terrorist organization has had a significant indication: Countries and organizations exposed to sanctions, usually do their financial activities and money transfers through illegal channels of the internet to escape sanctions and […]
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