Sudan PM Survives Assassination

عبد الله حمدوك

The Prime Minister of the Sudanese interim government has survived an assassination attempt as an explosion targeted his car Monday morning, local time, Sudanese state TV reported.

Meanwhile, sources of the PM’s family confirmed that he had survived unharmed.

“The assassination attempt against Abdullah Hamdouk is a new episode of a series of plotting coups against the Sudanese revolution,” Secretary-General of the Sudanese Congress Party, Khaled Omar, tweeted. “The unity of Sudanese people is the impregnable wall that protects the civil authority, and terrorism should not deter us from doing this,” Omar added.

Hamdouk has assumed the presidency of the interim government in Sudan on the basis of an agreement between Forces of Freedom and Change and the Military Council.

 That happened after toppling the regime of former president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir.

Many Arab and international political figures attended the appointing ceremonies that was considered as a new phase of the country’s history.

During the past months, Hamdouk worked on several political topics; the most important of which is bringing Sudan out of international isolation and lifting the blockade imposed on it for decades.

Additionally, he worked on removing Sudan from the list of countries supporting terrorism. Economically, he addressed financial problems, particularly the crisis of loosing foreign exchange, which is necessary to secure local needs of basic materials.

Hamdouk’s policy achieved great progress in the county’s situation, through his frequent visits to several western countries, responded by a visit of German President Frank Walter Steinmeier to the Sudanese capital, the first visit of a western president to the country in decades.

Likewise, his policy helped in improving relations with Washington, where sanctions imposed on the Sudanese Central Bank were lifted, and many U.S. companies expressed intentions to invest in Sudan.

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