EU Law Makers Call for an Euro Islam

MEPs call for a “Research Center for Islam and Democracy” “The project should by no means be anti-Muslim”, Conservative MEP Lukas Mandl and his Bavarian colleague Monika Hohlmeier (CSU) agree. Together with Lena Düpont, they have launched a cross-party and cross-border initiative for the establishment of an “EU Research Center […]

Social Diversity and its Effects on the Political Situation

By: Rasheed Hawrani Different countries in the world usually pay attention to the internal structure of their societies and manage social diversity and pluralism. Human communities are different in terms of geography, values, demography, ethnicity and culture, they have different ideologies in which all the above-mentioned factors interact. Ideological diversity […]

The State in Islam – First Episode: The Democracy

A Series of Ten Episodes Entitled: The State in Islam, The Clash of Terms between the Traditional Heritage Vision and the Contemporary Vision of Building a Modern State. A Series of Ten Episodes Entitled: The State in Islam Copyright © 2018 The Middle East and North Africa Media Monitor.