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French Politics Challenging Political Islam

The reality of Islamist radicalization in France: A current initiative by the French Senate describes recommendations to fight radicalization in French society. On July 9, a French Senate Commission on Islamist radicalization and measures to combat it presented an alarming report. Conclusion: “Radical Islamism is diverse and is gradually becoming […]

German Annual Extremism Report: Muslim Brotherhood remains in the dark

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood networks being active in Germany, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in its annual report again sees no challenge by the Islamist network. However, the report presented on July 9 is surprisingly clear with Islamist anti-Semitism. The number of expected IS returnees is […]
تمثال أردوغان في كولن

Erdoganian Phenomenon and its arms in EU

Prepared by the Political Analyst Unit in MENA Research and Study Center Introduction EU countries – Germany in particular – are the favorite destination for Muslim refugees and Turks who are looking for job opportunities. Since the end of World War II, Turk communities have spread all over Europe, but […]
نساء داعش

EU: Dilemma of Repatriating ISIS Children

Once again, there an international debate arose on the topic of repatriating around 900 children of ISIS fighters, remaining in northeastern Syria. the repatriation has become a humanitarian dilemma with no unified international solutions.  The minors are locked in miserable circumstances in Syrian displacement camps. The legal status is quite […]

A global Islamist Network gains foothold in EU

Abdul-Wached Niyazov was delighted when 300 people romped in front of the mosque of a Berlin community center in early April, causing a scandal: “Alhamdulillah, very good news,” the Russian president of the Islamic European Muslim Forum (EMF) wrote on Instagram. He shared a video of the campaign with his […]

EU Law Makers Call for an Euro Islam

MEPs call for a “Research Center for Islam and Democracy” “The project should by no means be anti-Muslim”, Conservative MEP Lukas Mandl and his Bavarian colleague Monika Hohlmeier (CSU) agree. Together with Lena Düpont, they have launched a cross-party and cross-border initiative for the establishment of an “EU Research Center […]

Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, Attempts to Profit from Muslim Doctors’ Efforts

When crises and emergency situations hit the world, efforts are combined and endeavors are unified. So is the situation now, as the COVID-19 has spread all over the world, forcing the governments to impose unprecedented emergency measures, where doctors, nurses and medical staffs became the masters and heroes of the […]

Russian Army Penetrates into EU

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed on April 3, that the Russian army contributed in the construction of a field hospital in Italy’s Lombardy that suffers from a major outbreak of the Covid-19. This came two days after the French President Emmanuel Macron criticized the talk about the Russian and […]
المسلمون في أوروبا

The West in the Eyes of Eastern, Contemporary Reading – Thesis and Interpretations

Unlike the books of Bernard Lewis, Huntington, author of “The Clash of Civilizations” back in 1993, or Francis Fukuyama, author of “The End of History and The Last Man” from 1992, this article does not discuss the viewpoint of the intellectual elites of the West with regard to Islamic societies. […]
اللاجئين على حدود اليونان

European Union Won’t Open Borders

The European Union declared on March 5, that it won’t open the borders for the migrants coming from Turkey, calling on Turkey to close its borders with Greece. This comes after Turkey’s announcement that it won’t close the borders for refugees. Ankara blackmails EU with refugees and plays on the […]