German Annual Extremism Report: Muslim Brotherhood remains in the dark

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood networks being active in Germany, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in its annual report again sees no challenge by the Islamist network. However, the report presented on July 9 is surprisingly clear with Islamist anti-Semitism. The number of expected IS returnees is […]
تمثال أردوغان في كولن

Erdoganian Phenomenon and its arms in EU

Prepared by the Political Analyst Unit in MENA Research and Study Center Introduction EU countries – Germany in particular – are the favorite destination for Muslim refugees and Turks who are looking for job opportunities. Since the end of World War II, Turk communities have spread all over Europe, but […]
Grey Wolfs

The Grey Wolves conquering Europe

Summary The ultra-nationalistic and Islamist Turkish movement „Gry Wolves“ aka „Ülkücü“ were recently covered on the front pages of international newspapers again after days of riots in Austria’s capital Vienna This study is trying to line out: the historical and ideological background of the movement using violence by group members […]
ISIS Group

Germany and Trial Against ISIS

A German court sentenced an Iraqi as a member of the “Islamic State“, 3500 kilometers away from where the crime happened. Such cases could occur more often in the future. Four years and three months in prison for membership in the terrorist militias of the “Islamic State”. This is the […]

Testimony by accused Syrian Torturer

This week, Anwar R., former member of the Syrian Intelligence and accused torturer of the Assad regime, presented his testimony before a German court in Koblenz. MENA Research and Studies reported already. Anwar R. is an attentive listener, he already obtained this by profession: the former colonel of the General […]

A global Islamist Network gains foothold in EU

Abdul-Wached Niyazov was delighted when 300 people romped in front of the mosque of a Berlin community center in early April, causing a scandal: “Alhamdulillah, very good news,” the Russian president of the Islamic European Muslim Forum (EMF) wrote on Instagram. He shared a video of the campaign with his […]

Hezbollah in Germany, Organization Fueled by Fatwas, Drugs and Crime

“Hezbollah, with all its formations has become a banned terrorist organization in Germany,” the spokesperson of the German Ministry of Interior tweeted, revealing a decision of the Angela Merkel’s government made against the Iranian-backed Lebanese group. That decision announces the start of a new phase in the war against the […]

The German state of Hessen ends cooperation with Turkish mosque association, controlled by President Erdogan

The government of the central German state in Hessen ends its cooperation with the Turkish mosque association Ditib in Islamic religious education for schools. The doubts about the fundamental independence of Ditib from the Turkish government could not have been resolved. The mosque association reacted with incomprehension. The decision to […]

German Government bans Hizbullah from operating

The German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has banned Hizbullah from operating. The Shiite Islamist movement must now cease its activities in Germany. In the early morning, police searched four mosques and associations that were considered part of the movement: the Al-Irschad mosque in Berlin, the Al-Mustafa community in Bremen, the […]
Anwar Raslan

Trial Against Two Accused Syrian Torturers Starts in Germany

The world’s first trial of state torture in Syria began in the city of Koblenz, Germany, presenting the indictment by the prosecutor in Koblenz. Two alleged ex-intelligence officials of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are accused of torture. Human rights organizations recognized the start of the trial as a milestone […]