Assassinations in Iraq Renew, Iranian Messages to Al-Kadhimi: We Are Still Here.

Activists opposing the militias’ presence in Iraq have been assassinated recently. A reliable source who talked to MENA Research and Study Center under condition of anonymity sees that this is a new Iranian escalation against the government of al-Kadhimi who tries to limit the influence of the Iraqi militias loyal […]
أطفال الحوثي

Houthi Reproduces Experience of ISIS Cubs, Iranian Basij

The Houthi militia plan to repeat the experience of the Caliphate Cubs, which was applied by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, a reliable source says to MENA Research and Study Center, pointing out that the militia has approved a project for creating a new generation of ideological fighters, related […]
الميلشيات الإيرانية

After Investing in ISIS, Iran Invest in Taliban

The Taliban movement has recently escalated its attacks in Afghanistan, and according to an Iranian activist, calling himself Mohamed Hidayati, the movement is likely to have received an intelligence support from Iran, allowing it to conduct more attacks lately. During the past two months, the extremist movement claimed responsibility for […]

New Escalation in US Sanctions against Iran: No More Exemptions

The US has decided to abolish any exemptions of its sanctions imposed on Iran, a new escalatory step that confirms the US intention to challenges the Iranian influence in the Arab region. Muhammed Mashaei, an Iranian activist says to MENA Research and Study Center that abolishing the exemptions means more […]

US-Iranian Struggle for Influence in Iraq

The new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadimi has vowed to punish the Iran-backed militias that shed Iraqi blood. “We promised that those who have been involved in shedding Iraqi blood will not sleep at night” the Iraqi PM tweeted. Having that said, the PM seems to be initiating a new […]

Iranian Militias Reposition in Syria

The MENA Research and Study Center has obtained information that Iran is transferring members of the Fatimiyoun militias and Brigade 313, foreign fighters who were replaced by local fighters under the supervision of the Russian military police, from the south of Deir Ezzor and Al-Mayadeen to their headquarters in Palmyra […]

The Mullahs’ God Different from People’s God!

“When the Shah was ruling, we used to complain to God, now that Mullahs are ruling, to whom shall we complain about God?”, an Iranian author asked during a dialogue with an Egyptian writer. The authority of the Mullahs has snatched the powers of God, as each Mullah makes himself […]

Syria: Regime militia and security establish profitable private companies

Pro-Syrian opposition media circulated reports about a new security formation in the regime’s army, linked with the regime’s security apparatus. MENA Research and Study Center has obtained information about the new formation, “Sanad Military Security.” According to MENA’s sources, the group is led by Raslan Esbar, a brigadier general of […]

Iranian Economy on Verge of Collapse Because of Coronavirus

The Foreign Policy magazine issued a report, describing the possibility of a total collapse of the Iranian economy if the country will have to challenge another wave of the coronavirus. The World Bank statistics on global economic growth have suggested that the level of deflation in the Iranian economy will […]

7 May.. When Iranian Militias Swept Beirut, Announcing Lebanon an Iranian Territory

7 May.. When Iranian Militias Swept Beirut, Announcing Lebanon an Iranian Territory “The day when powers was usurped by the force of arms …”, with these words the Lebanese politician and former MP Fares Souaid described the 7th May anniversary, when armed groups of Hezbollah militias raided Beirut and large […]