Iranian Militias Reposition in Syria

The MENA Research and Study Center has obtained information that Iran is transferring members of the Fatimiyoun militias and Brigade 313, foreign fighters who were replaced by local fighters under the supervision of the Russian military police, from the south of Deir Ezzor and Al-Mayadeen to their headquarters in Palmyra […]

Qatar’s Money in Gaza Strengthens Division and Supports Israel

Qatari presence in Gaza has been very prominent in the past five years, represented by a great money influx granted monthly by Qatar under humanitarian cover for citizens and political figures of the Palestinian factions in Gaza Strip. The enormous amounts of money are being transferred by the Qatari ambassador […]
جاريد كوشنر مع جنود جيش إسؤائيلي

The Israeli army opposes Netanyahu as desired by Kushner

Among the peculiarities of the American advice to the current Israeli leadership and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to postpone any urgent steps that include lands or change the sensitivity of the current fragile scene, pending Israeli political stability after the elections expected next March.

Qatar, Israel, and Counterterrorism

Source: European Eye on Radicalization After the boycott imposed in June 2017 on Qatar by the Anti-Terror Quartet (ATQ)—Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt—the Qatari government resorted to a vast lobbying campaign in the West. The intention from Doha was to win an information war with Western […]

Visiting Jerusalem as religiously allowed and politically prohibited

For a long time, visiting Jerusalem had been an Islamic tradition associated with pilgrimage season especially for those coming from distant places. This tradition ceased at a certain historical stage related to the consequences of old wars as Europeans – Historically known as crusaders -captured the city of Jerusalem in […]