Failure, Sectarianism, Signs of Civil War: Factors will Lead to the Fall of Lebanon Government

“Lebanon needs new a government, far away from all the parties,” the former Lebanese MP Imad al-Hout says, as the protests have renewed and the popular demands have increased. Al-Hout points out that changing the government is the first and main condition for implementing the required reforms in Lebanon. The […]

Bread or Arms, Aoun Stream Change Position towards Hezbollah

Hezbollah has only two choices: either to keep using arms for achieving its ideological goals, or finding a solution for the Lebanese crisis, Ziead al-Aswad, a leader in the Free Patriotic Movement said, in an indication to a possible coup against Hezbollah by the pro-Aoun stream. The Free Patriotic Movement […]
حسن نصر الله

On the Ruins of Lebanon, Hezbollah says: We are the Power

“I am the power,” this is the conclusion of Hassan Nasrallah’s latest speech, in which he officially announced dominating Lebanon and being the sole decision maker in the country, particularly the decision related to the illegal border crossings between Syria and Lebanon and which are controlled by Hezbollah.  After dominating […]

In Lebanon, Roads are Blocked, the Central Bank Reduces Lira Exchange Rate

Lebanon’s latest political and developments take a fast and dangerous path, where political powers might be helpless in returning the country to normality. The economic crisis might undermine all the so-called reform attempts, especially with the escalations seen in the streets in the past few days, where incendiary devices were […]

Warning Signs of Collapse in Lebanon

Lebanon has recently suffered from an economic crisis, coincided with popular protests, forcing the government of Saad al-Hariri to resign. The new administration did not succeed in forming a national unity working for the country and its people, as Prime Minister Hassan Diab is known for its loyalty to Iran […]

Hezbollah Occupies Lebanon Banking Sector, Cuts out Christians

We can’t turn a blind eye to what happened in Lebanon in the past few days, as we are in front of an Iranian strategic scheme that has begun in Lebanon and falls within the scheme of dominating the region, as previously announced by many Iranian officials, who said that […]
الحرك الشعبي اللبناني

Billion Dollars Smuggled Abroad… Lebanese Judiciary Pursues Smugglers

Despite the stifling economic crisis in Lebanon, financial and economic corruption is still the master of the scene. While the Lebanese Banks Union has limited the withdrawn amounts for their customers due to the deteriorating economic situation in Lebanon, investigations revealed that more than ten Lebanese officials are involved in […]