Unprecedented Russian-Turkish Escalation in Libya

Several warplanes have been sent by Turkey to the Government of National Accord, reliable source told MENA Research and Study Center. This comes after the arrival of Russian warplanes sent form Hmeimim airbase in Syria to the National Army Forces. Many websites specialized in monitoring the air traffic, reported on […]
التنقيب التركي عن النفط

Turkey and Its Neo-Ottoman Strategy in Libya

Economic accounts, this is the starting point from which the political researcher Jana Jabour of the Institut d’Études Politiques Paris, is the starting point of Turkish interests in Libya that are not limited to political goals and ideological agendas. The financial and economic dimension of the Turkish intervention would appear […]

17,000 Syrian Fighters in Libya, Fighting for Turkey

Despite the direct and declared Turkish intervention in Libya, the number of mercenaries fighting in support of the Government of National Accord has exceeded the expectations, when General Ahmad al-Mismari, the spokesperson of the Libyan National Army said that Turkey sent more than 17,000 fighters to Libya within the past […]

Turkey’s Mercenaries in Libya, Insurgency and Disobedience

Libyan security sources reported instances of rebellion among the mercenaries recruited by Turkey to fight alongside the Government of National Accord in Libya, noting that the past few days have witnessed several field withdrawals of mercenaries in more than one axis. The sources indicated that skirmishes took place between the […]

Turkey’s Mercenaries under Libyan Army Fire

A militia commander and three mercenaries affiliated to Turkey and the Libyan Government of National Accord have been killed in the battles taking place south of the capital Tripoli, the Libyan army confirmed. “Mohammed al-Shawesh and three other mercenaries have been killed during an unsuccessful attack against the Libyan army […]

Libyan Money Spent by Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey

Political controversy has always aroused over military operations in Libya, as well as the map of deployment for both Libyan National Army forces and the militias supporting Government of National Accord. However, the more ambiguous and less intrusive topic among all is how the Muslim Brotherhood funds the military operations […]
عناصر الميليشيات الليبية

Fears of Internationalizing Libyan Conflict

It seems that Libya has become an open field for the international intervention, particularly for Turkey that sees Libya as a gateway to Africa, and for some EU states trying to preserve the earnings of their old push.
معارك إدلب

Russian-Turkish Escalation, Blasts in Assad Control Areas

As Turkey insists on recapturing all the swathes taken by Russian-backed Assad forces, Russia hits intensively all the areas of the armed opposition factions backed by Turkey. Between the front lines, hundreds of civilians were killed
العلم الليبي

Libya in Geneva.. Unsuccessful Round for Solution

For those who are attending, that’s how the U.N. mission to Libya announced the start of Geneva talks for Libya, in which none of the Libyan parties has participated, neither the Government of National Accord, nor the Libyan army.
تهريب السلاح إلى ليبيا

That’s How Italy Discovered Weapons’ Trafficking to Libya

As reported by MENA Media Monitor last week already, Italian authorities have revealed new and exciting details about the information that led to the arrest of the cargo vessel Bana, held in Genoa port, on charges of weapons trafficking from Turkey to Libya.