With Names and Instances: How Turkey Intervenes in Lebanon’s Conflict

The Kurdish Center for Strategic Studies has issued a report, indicating the imminent danger surrounding the Lebanese city of Tripoli and its people. The report’s headline is: That’s How Turkey Prepares to Occupy Lebanon’s Tripoli and Its People. The first statement was made by the Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi, confirming […]

German Annual Extremism Report: Muslim Brotherhood remains in the dark

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood networks being active in Germany, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in its annual report again sees no challenge by the Islamist network. However, the report presented on July 9 is surprisingly clear with Islamist anti-Semitism. The number of expected IS returnees is […]
تمثال أردوغان في كولن

Erdoganian Phenomenon and its arms in EU

Prepared by the Political Analyst Unit in MENA Research and Study Center Introduction EU countries – Germany in particular – are the favorite destination for Muslim refugees and Turks who are looking for job opportunities. Since the end of World War II, Turk communities have spread all over Europe, but […]

Supported by Turkey, MB’s Ambitions Extend to Algeria

In conjunction with the developments in Libya, an Algerian source told MENA Research and Study Center that the Libyan crisis might extend to other countries on the norther African coasts, particularly to Tunisia and Algeria. The source points out that with the advance of the GNA forces, the Muslim Brotherhood […]

Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Threat on Egypt

In our previous papers we talked about turning Libya into a Muslim Brotherhood state and society. We said that will bring horrible consequences to the Libyan society, we also said that Libya will be the main base from which the MB will settle its scores with the others. The first […]

Turkey, Sudan and the Muslims Brotherhood: Conflict of Lost Power

Since the ousting of previous Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim Brotherhood is struggling with its influence in Sudan, coinciding with the group’s struggle in Libya, where the MB is part of the Government of National Accord. In 1989, al-Bashir conducted a coup against al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, after allying with some […]

Tunisia: War of Powers, New Dimension for Political Crisis

Exerting more pressure on the Renaissance Movement in Tunisia and trying to isolate Rashid al-Ghannouchi, the President of the Parliament, seems to be no more than an attempt to limit the powers of the parliament’s president, the political analyst Mokhtar al-Dabbabi says, as al-Ghannouchi deviated from the powers set out […]

Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish Influence in Tunisia Face Criticism

Two bilateral agreements with Qatar and Turkey were proposed by the Tunisian government amid the new regional orientations and complicated political scene. And with this new strategy, it seems that some parties in Tunisia push to approve the agreements. The two agreements are the Basic Law No. 68/2018 and the […]

Turkey’s Mercenaries in Libya, Insurgency and Disobedience

Libyan security sources reported instances of rebellion among the mercenaries recruited by Turkey to fight alongside the Government of National Accord in Libya, noting that the past few days have witnessed several field withdrawals of mercenaries in more than one axis. The sources indicated that skirmishes took place between the […]

Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, Attempts to Profit from Muslim Doctors’ Efforts

When crises and emergency situations hit the world, efforts are combined and endeavors are unified. So is the situation now, as the COVID-19 has spread all over the world, forcing the governments to impose unprecedented emergency measures, where doctors, nurses and medical staffs became the masters and heroes of the […]