With Names and Instances: How Turkey Intervenes in Lebanon’s Conflict

The Kurdish Center for Strategic Studies has issued a report, indicating the imminent danger surrounding the Lebanese city of Tripoli and its people. The report’s headline is: That’s How Turkey Prepares to Occupy Lebanon’s Tripoli and Its People. The first statement was made by the Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi, confirming […]

Aid to Millions of Syrians Blocked by UN

Since 2014, people in need in Syria have received UN humanitarian. But now, support in the middle of the corona pandemic is on the brink – due to the veto of Russia and China. A blockade in the UN Security Council endangers humanitarian aid for millions of people in need […]

Turkey’s Intervention on Several Fronts, Violations against Minorities

German observers were prompted to examine and scrutinize the intentions, regionally and internationally, behind the latest Turkish attack on some regions in Iraqi Kurdistan. They looked into the undeclared intentions of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after launching an attack with two different names within few days: the Tiger’s Claw […]

Kurdish Agreement, National Understanding, or Imposing Ethnic Reality in Syria?

An agreement through US pressures, this is how a reliable source described the announcement made a few days ago between the northern Syrian self-rule administration and the Kurdish National Council. The source points out that the concepts of uniting the visions of all the Syrian people is no more than […]

Caesar Act, Predictions of Ending Assad’s Political Era

Disputes are raised by the US Caesar Act regarding the political future of the Bashar al-Assad, head of the Syrian regime. The disputes increased as the law will come into force next week, which caused deterioration in the economic situation. That situation led to protests erupted in the regime controlled […]

Assad Regime Rejects US Offer, Famine is Looming

There is no difference between starving or dying of coronavirus, this is what Ahmed said during a phone call with MENA Research and Study Center, in which he described the miserable situation of the civilians in Damascus. Ahmed’s conversation represents 90% of the people, whose life is on stake, as […]

Lavrov did not Say to Assad what Primakov Said to Saddam

Talking about the facts of the pre-US invasion in Iraq 2003, Yevgeny Primakov carried a message from Vladimir Putin to Saddam Hussein. He was determined to deliver it to him personally. After deliberations, and perhaps obstacles, he met Saddam Hussein personally, and here is the subject of the message. Dear […]

New Public Protests In Syria – Critical for Assad Regime?

New public protests are taking place against the Syrian government and its economic policies are expanding, amid reports of mobilizing security forces in the city of Assweida in southern Syria for preventing the expansion of protests. Despite the tension in other cities such as Damascus, Idlib and Daraa, a demonstration […]
ISIS Group

Germany and Trial Against ISIS

A German court sentenced an Iraqi as a member of the “Islamic State“, 3500 kilometers away from where the crime happened. Such cases could occur more often in the future. Four years and three months in prison for membership in the terrorist militias of the “Islamic State”. This is the […]

Turkey’s Ilisu Dam, War Water against Syria and Iraq

One of the most important things the former UN Secretary General Butrus Ghali expected in the 1980s was the following: “The next war in in the Near East will not erupt because of politics, it will erupt because of water.” That expectation was based on a vision that foreshadowed the […]