Unprecedented Russian-Turkish Escalation in Libya

Several warplanes have been sent by Turkey to the Government of National Accord, reliable source told MENA Research and Study Center. This comes after the arrival of Russian warplanes sent form Hmeimim airbase in Syria to the National Army Forces. Many websites specialized in monitoring the air traffic, reported on […]
التنقيب التركي عن النفط

Turkey and Its Neo-Ottoman Strategy in Libya

Economic accounts, this is the starting point from which the political researcher Jana Jabour of the Institut d’Études Politiques Paris, is the starting point of Turkish interests in Libya that are not limited to political goals and ideological agendas. The financial and economic dimension of the Turkish intervention would appear […]

Davutoglu Opens Fire against the Old Friend Again

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his media arms are spreading rumors about a new coup that will take place in Turkey, similar to the coup d’etat of 2016, the head of the Future opposition party and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu revealed. Davutoglu denounced the governing authority’s way in […]

Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish Influence in Tunisia Face Criticism

Two bilateral agreements with Qatar and Turkey were proposed by the Tunisian government amid the new regional orientations and complicated political scene. And with this new strategy, it seems that some parties in Tunisia push to approve the agreements. The two agreements are the Basic Law No. 68/2018 and the […]

17,000 Syrian Fighters in Libya, Fighting for Turkey

Despite the direct and declared Turkish intervention in Libya, the number of mercenaries fighting in support of the Government of National Accord has exceeded the expectations, when General Ahmad al-Mismari, the spokesperson of the Libyan National Army said that Turkey sent more than 17,000 fighters to Libya within the past […]

Erdogan backing homophobic statements by high cleric

After the head of the Turkish religious state authority Diyanet described homosexuals as Islamophobic heretics and sparked outrage among civil rights activists, he received the backing of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Diyanet chief Ali Erbas said in a Ramadan sermon that adultery and homosexuality caused illnesses such as AIDS and […]

The German state of Hessen ends cooperation with Turkish mosque association, controlled by President Erdogan

The government of the central German state in Hessen ends its cooperation with the Turkish mosque association Ditib in Islamic religious education for schools. The doubts about the fundamental independence of Ditib from the Turkish government could not have been resolved. The mosque association reacted with incomprehension. The decision to […]

Turkey’s Ambitions in Exceeding Exploitation of Syrian Oil, Kurds Distrust Russia

Al-Monitor media has issued a report titled: “Turkey appears to want more than Syria’s oil”, refering that the Syrian Kurds are much concerned concerning Turkish plans exceeding its influence in the region and not only acquiring oil fields. According to the report, Ankara’s strategic goal is to completely eliminate the […]

Turkey’s Mercenaries in Libya, Insurgency and Disobedience

Libyan security sources reported instances of rebellion among the mercenaries recruited by Turkey to fight alongside the Government of National Accord in Libya, noting that the past few days have witnessed several field withdrawals of mercenaries in more than one axis. The sources indicated that skirmishes took place between the […]

What Is Going on in Syrian North?

The Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an active Salafist jihadist militant group involved in the Syrian Civil War imposes royalties on people in the north, most of whom have been internally displaced for more than once. It also imposes social restrictions and creates irrational conditions for dealing with organizations of civil […]