Terrorism Likely to grow in Libya

Source: Akhbarlibya24

With the direct Turkish military intervention in Libya, terrorism is expected to increase in the country amid international silence.

The Turkish intervention in Libya has increased the security tensions and exacerbated the crisis, the country is already suffering from.

It has also affected Libyan civilians: The Libyan National Army is already withdrawing from some cities, fearing for the lives and property of civilians.

Several countries as well as international organizations have warned of the emergence of terrorist groups in Libya, as Turkey sends mercenaries and foreign fighters to combat alongside troops of the National Accord Government against the Libyan National Army.

The Libyans’ fear of terrorism resurgence in their country has increased, following the latest military escalation that made on the brink of a possible international war. The terrorist groups might take advantage of that situation in Libya, to achieve their goals and the goals of the states that support terrorism, such as Turkey and Qatar.

This is what the political researcher Fawzi Al-Haddad confirmed to Libya 24 News Agency: “Libya is still threatened by terrorism and is slowly becoming the ideal place for the emergence of terrorist groups. In addition to the absence of strong leadership in the country, there are political vast desert areas that extend east, west and south.”

Observers and experts believe that international parties use terrorism as a weapon in order to achieve their own goals. If the Libyans do not unite their word, they will not be able to remove that malignant from their country, which the more the clashes extend and escalate, the more it spreads.

Some experts assert that the international community will not seek to achieve stability in Libya, unless there is a real will from all Libyan parties involved. In this difficult time, Libyans need a charter of honor that unites them and builds their state, away from the ambitions of groups, parties and figures funded by foreign powers, to save their homeland from the danger of terrorists and extremists.

Finally, the Libyans have to remember the negative effect of terrorism and radicalism in their country. They have to think of the social and economic corruption caused by the terrorists in Libya, the terrorists’ repeated attempts to destroy the entire country. Therefore, Libyans must be loyal to the previous sacrifices that were made to eliminate terrorism in Libya.

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