The Forgotten Ones – Corona, Refugee Camps and Syria

coronavirus refugee camps

According to Western NGOs, maybe thousands of infections and deaths in refugee camps have to be prevented, together with avoiding the risk for the health of the Europeans.

If the virus will be spreading in the overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek islands, with totally catastrophic hygienic realities, a mass contagion and also panic could be the consequence. In the Moria camp, 1,300 people have to spare one tap, most of them are not able to wash their hands even once in a while. Most of the inhabitants have to live in thin-skinned tents, there is no chance of isolation for avoiding an infection, if the Coronavirus will be spreading among those lost women, men and children.

At the moment, NGOs initiated a dialogue with Western governments how to solve this upcoming crisis and discussing the possibilities of bringing refugees to the Greek mainland in order to ease the critical situation on the islands.

Another main suggestion for Greece is to asking the other EU member states to admit 10,000 already recognized refugees entry into their countries. Their legal status is already clear, which should reduce the bureaucratic hurdles.

In addition, empty hotels on the Greek mainland could become hosts of additional 25,000 refugees living on the Greek islands, securing social distancing. This program could be financed through EU aid.

In the north of Syria, 3 million refugees are facing similar threats, living in camps without any medical aid and under terrible hygienic circumstances. Ten thousands could die when infected with the Coronavirus.

Although WHO announced last Sunday that no infections were monitored in Syria, it has to be said that there are no tests available. Meanwhile, the Syrian administration announced the first Coronavirus casualty, a foreigner.

Last week, the WHO announced the shipping of Coronavirus tests kits to Syria, focussing on the regions with many refugees. NGOs on the ground reported, that none of the kits received the camps so far. Therefore, the medical situation there might become tense within the next days.

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