The Mullahs’ God Different from People’s God!

“When the Shah was ruling, we used to complain to God, now that Mullahs are ruling, to whom shall we complain about God?”, an Iranian author asked during a dialogue with an Egyptian writer.

The authority of the Mullahs has snatched the powers of God, as each Mullah makes himself a god, Iran; the Muslim country, has displaced the Muslims after Khomeinists seized power, beating any other authority, including the authority of the Quran. This turned Iran into brothels without walls, in which “vice” is practiced under the supervision of the “virtue militias”.

AL-Jazaeri al-Afif al-Akhdar gave a very eloquent testimony about the situation in Iran after the mullahs arrived in power:

  • Taxi drivers in Tehran refuse to transport clerics.
  • Since 1990, newborns were no longer named Ali and Hussein. Those names were replaced by two pagan names: Dariush, a name of the Achaemenid dynasty kings, and Arash, the legendary hero who drew the borders of Iran with four stones that he threw in the four directions.
  • To prevent using those pre-Islamic names, the Islamic Republic has issued a new law prohibiting the registration of non-Islamic names!
  • In Iranian mosques, where 3,000 to 5,000 people used to pray during the Shah’s reign, only 15 worshipers now perform the morning prayer, while 25 perform the noon prayer. For the first time, we witness the phenomenon of empty mosques in Iran.
  • In 2000, the deputy mayor of Tehran, Hajjah Islam Ali Zam, revealed in the municipality’s annual report that 75% of the people and 86% of the students left the prayer. In response to this collective abandonment of “the heart of religion”, every October, the Islamic Republic urges people for prayer.
  • At the end of his term, President Khatami admitted to the German ambassador that the percentage of those who fast during Ramadan is only 2%, whereas during the Shah era it was more than 80%.
  • The French orientalist Martin Guzelan has made an investigation on the Islamic Revolution, published by the French weekly magazine Marianne, with the sub-title “30 years Islamic Revolution, 30% atheists!”

In a traditional Islamic society, the percentage is huge, knowing that only 25% of Europeans say they have no religion, while only 6% of them say they are atheists.

Thus, the president of the France Atheists Union should joyfully welcome the Islamic revolution even in France, where the number of atheists is much lower than in the Islamic Republic!

That is the Mullahs’ Iran, and this is what it presented to Islam, where it became a heavy burden on the Iranians, until they almost disbelieved not only in Islam, but also in God.

This is the authority of the clerics, who confiscated the land and the sky, making the Islamic Revolution in Iran as an onslaught on Islam, although they talk about protecting Islam!!

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