“They Stole Us”.. Beirut Port Compensation Scandal

The families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion revealed what they described as the new scandal of the Lebanese state, about the compensation provided by foreign countries to the victims of the explosion, whose number reached 205 people after the death of one of the injured days ago.

Local media quoted the families of the victims as saying that the Lebanese state has calculated these amounts granted to the families of the victims at the “official” dollar price, or 1,500 Lebanese pounds, while the price today on the black market exceeds to more than 10 thousand pounds, and continues to rise.

According to the information, donor countries provided assistance in U.S. dollars as follows: $20,000 in compensation for each victim over the age of 15, and $10,000 for those under the age of 15.

The families of the victims considered the move “contempt” for the lives of the victims by the state that kills them again, by transferring the value of compensation to the Lebanese pound, which loses its purchasing value day by day and has reached its lowest level in history.

According to Lebanese state data, the value of compensation for the lives of victims ranges between 30 million pounds for the elderly and 15 million pounds for the young, which is only $3,000 and $1,500. While the actual value of $20,000 today is 200 million pounds.

To make matters worse, the poor compensation for the families of the victims will not be paid in cash, but by bank checks, which, according to the residents, means that “a new humiliation for them by the banks, so that they can withdraw the full amount, if they can obtain it under the strict and unprecedented standards adopted by the banks, which change monthly according to what they see

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