To Intimidate Yemeni Women, “Al- Batoul Brigade” to Supervise Women’s Dress Code

The Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen has formed female military factions that are directly responsible for supervising women’s clothing during social events that are held in homes and wedding halls.

Local sources have said that, in the past few days, the militias carried out a training that targeted more than 100 women members of Al-Batool Brigade to train them on raids and incursions into lanes, houses and halls. The sources have also clarified that Al-Batoul is a new female brigade that falls within the so-called Zeinabiyat brigades. These women are entitled to directly supervise women’s clothing during social events that are held in homes and wedding halls.

Female leaders close to the militia leader are handling the task of preparing and training this new brigade. Out of these women, Umm Aqeel al-Shami and Umm Muhammad Jahaf, who are among the most prominent female Houthi leaders in the so-called Zeinabiyat brigades.

In addition, the sources have pointed out that, behind the formation of this brigade, the Houthi militia is orchestrating to suppress and intimidate Yemeni women by executing a new series of raids and attacks on houses and women’s wedding halls in the cities that under control. These procedures would be an implementation of what has been stated in its recent circular related to the prevention of male and female singers from attending events and weddings.

It is noteworthy that, according to Yemeni human rights activists, Yemeni women represent the biggest target for the controlling coup group, especially since Al-Houthi militia has recently committed a series of practices and crimes against women’s gatherings and activities in Sanaa and several Yemeni cities.

Over the past years, the Houthi Militia has been forming and arming Al-Zeinabiyat faction to be trained combatwise and in secret intelligence service. Al-Houthi has afterwards entitled these female brigades to several duties and tasks, including raiding homes, arresting and kidnapping women and girls, and carrying out espionage and suppression of female activists.

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