Trapped on Greek Borders

Refugees on Greek Borders

It’s not migration …, what happens on the Turkish-Greek border is a crossing point between death and another death; it’s the deadly river that no one can cross, except for those chosen by destiny to survive.

It’s precisely Erdogan’s policy: investing in the Syrian refugees’ issue and using the Syrians as a tool in the course of the Syrian war.

Blackmailing the Europeans, a weapon through which Erdogan twists the Europeans arm.

When did Erdogan take this step?

Following the escalation on the Syrian front lines, Erdogan had to invest all his tools in a war that he might loose, especially with an astute foe namely Vladimir Putin who doesn’t save any of his weapons, even if this weapon is the lives of Syrian people, to consolidate a war that no one knows when it will end, even though he may know when and how it started.

Thousands of Syrian are now casted out in the unknown of a land that refuses them, on the other hand, returning to where they came from may be difficult, and this difficulty might increase to become impossibility.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly told Turks as well as Syrians that the refugees became a heavy burden on his country, although the money that international community poured in his treasury was enough not only to relief Turkey from its burden, but also to build cities in the bordering areas to shelter the displaced people.

$6,5 billion were given to Erdogan’s government, apart from the enormous amounts of Syrian money and capitals which became one of the Turkish economy’s pillars. Syrian industry businessmen, craftsmen and merchants moved to Turkey with their historical experience, not to be a burden on Turkey but to be a beneficial to the Turkish economy. Syrians could ask Erdogan about huge factories that were dismantled in Aleppo and rebuilt in Turkish cities, in what is considered as a scandalous theft by some frivolous figures who led Syria alongside Assad regime to a state of destruction that can’t be redeemed before ages.

The Turkish game in Idlib is no more than a continuation of that destruction, where the Russian President paved the way for Erdogan’s delusions, giving him the role of a partner, but when it came to harvest the Syrian crop, Erdogan found himself out of the game, and here he is, setting fire in the whole crop, the fuel of which fire is the Syrian refugees.

The refugees casted out on Turkey-Greece borders represent a humanitarian crisis, but also a terrible moral fall of the whole international community. In the first place comes Turkey, investing in their issue, and then follows the international community watching their agony silently.

The result is.. all kinds of death for Syrians!

For the victims of a rotten, faltering regime, whose fall is subject to the international game!

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