Tunisia: Camps Attracting Children, Covered Under Name of Qur’an Schools

Schools parallel to public and private educational institutions are outlaw units, rebellious against the state. They seem to be teaching the Qur’an, but hidden behind their walls they teach an integrated and organized program for creating extremist generations that recognize neither the state, nor the laws.

The „Splendor Cubs“, or the „Heaven’s Birds“, that is how the little children who study at those schools are called. They are trained to fight, so they can be later become the fuel of crises. Several camps were established for training children, but they hide under the umbrella of Quran schools.

Children between the ages of 7 and 14 attend those extremist Qur’an schools, most are victims of their families, have been beaten or abandoned.

The young children are attracted, trained and taught the ideology of extremism, the ideology of terrorist groups. The children are recruited to be trusted future leaders.

Children used as human shields

Several videos confirm that terrorist organizations in Tunisia exploit children in their battles against army and security members in addition to Tunisian citizens.

Many children, who were involved in terrorist acts by joining Takfiri groups, were arrested. According to numbers of the Ministry of Interior, extremist groups have used about 290 Tunisian children in their intelligence, logistical and media apparatus. They also used them as human shields during confrontations with security units.

Investigations by the Ministry of Interior reveal that the extremist groups have deliberately exploited children in monitoring security, military, media and political figures, as the children used to visit judicial, security headquarters and some cafes to monitor movements and all daily details.

Qu’ran Schools inside the State

Many Qu’ran schools are not committed to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, as they teach young children extremist takfiri thoughts, separating boys from girls, forcing them to wear Islamic clothes and convincing them that the woman’s voice is taboo! They say that security members are infidel and the army is a tyrant and if they were martyred, they will have a fairy in paradise. The question is: How does the state turn a blind eye to unlicensed schools, regardless of their activities?

Some officials have blessed this violation, some others do not care about the state and its security, they only care about the money they receive from those schools in order to keep their eyes closed.

The more dangerous thing that some officials do is issuing licenses for some suspicious establishments that do not stick to the curriculum of the ministry. Some politicians went beyond that and granted those schools a piece of land, belonging to the state, although the land was registered as a green area.

Due to this, the supervising authority in the municipality should be investigated, to reveal the details of granting a land to the terrorist groups.

Out of Law Schools

The Relief School in al-Murooj is not the only out of law school, as some students’ families have made complaints against two private schools, one of them in the capital. They accuse the owners of providing their children with lessons that are not consistent with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. A school owner in Al-Manar has been accused of forcing students to make religion lessons instead of some other lessons such as history, music and sports.

Some information reveal that a well-known businessman of Ben Arous province is one of the most prominent financiers of Qur’an kindergardens and a number of private schools. He launched the first Qur’an school in 2013 and was rejected at that time by the kindergarden department. The Ministry of Women had previously prevented him from opening other kindergartens. In this regard, a political party has been accused of funding a number of Qur’an schools and kindergardens that are not committed to the curriculum of the ministry.
Those schools aim to spreading an extremist ideology in these educational institutions, as a book named: „Mullah Omar was being taught in a private school in Nabeul province.“ The school was closed after publishing a video clip of a student glorifying that terrorist.

In this context, an official at the Ministry of Education informed MENA Research and Study Center that the Ministry always pays attention for complaints and sends committees from the General Inspection of the Supervisory Authority to scrutinize the authenticity of the information. In the event that schools violate the conditions, they have to be closed.

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