Turkish Attempts to Send Syrian Fighters to Afghanistan

Syrian activists have circulated news that Turkey began negotiating with Syrian fighters in an attempt to send a number of them to Afghanistan in order to protect Kabul Airport after America and its allies had withdrawn from the country.

While any official comment from Ankara or the Syrian opposition factions on this news has been announced, human rights sources have said that there is a deal between the Turkish army and the commanders of Syrian factions allied to Ankara to send members of the factions to Afghanistan, specifically to Kabul.

According to human rights sources, the Recruitment process will be different this time as Turkey will be working to recruit these Syrian fighters into Turkish security companies with official contracts so that the whole process can be done officially.

In the context, the sources have anticipated that the process would begin next September. In addition, the Turkish intelligence would supervise the process of selecting Syrian personnel to protect Kabul Airport, government facilities and headquarters and international forces. In return, each fighter would be paid a monthly salary of roughly two and three thousand dollars.

The same sources have confirmed that this file is still under study and has not reached the stage of implementation and preparation yet.

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