US Investigations about Qatar’s Support for Iranian Revolutionary Guard

Well-informed US sources have revealed that the US State Department has begun investigating reports from Israeli intelligence that the Qatari government is funding the IRGC.  The sources have pointed out that Reuven Rivlin, the former Israeli president, conveyed this information during his meeting with Joe Biden, the US president, last month.

The sources also have indicated that this information raised considerable concern within the White House; especially since the IRGC is classified on the terrorist list in the US and other countries, stressing that the US administration is investigating the truth of this information.

It is noteworthy that Qatar had built distinguished relations with the Iranian regime during the past two decades, which affected its relations with the Arab world, especially since many Arab countries accuse Iran of being responsible for the crises these countries are experiencing on the security level and supporting the militias.

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner newspaper has quoted a US State Department spokesman confirming that this information had been passed to the US administration, noting that the US State Department was looking into these allegations.

The spokesman has confirmed the sources’ revelations that the data, which included assurances about Qatar’s funding of the IRGC and its operations, had reached the US State Department through Israel.

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