Warnings: Lebanon toward New Civil War.. No Solutions Looming

U.S. media reports warned that Lebanon is heading to the scenario of civil war again, noting that some scenes coming from the Lebanese arena threaten that the country is moving towards a very bad turn.

The reports say that the only way to avoid these scenarios is to form a new government, according to a political solution capable of saving the country from falling into the abyss.

According to CNN, the bad record of the Lebanese political class does not show that the country is close to the formation of that government, despite everything that Lebanon has been going through for months.

It is noteworthy that the controversy between Michel Aoun the President of the Lebanese Republic, and Saad Hariri the Prime Minister-designate, has intensified during the past few days, after Aoun called for the resignation of Hariri if he is unable to form a government.

Meanwhile, Hariri announced that he would call for new presidential elections, if President Aoun continued in his rejection of the government formation presented to him.

In addition, reports confirmed that Lebanon is moving towards an unknown future, and that the daily scenes of violence indicate that the next is worse than the present, in light of the failure of the ruling political class to find effective solutions to Lebanon’s escalating crises.

The past few days have seen an unprecedented collapse in the value of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, which has reached 15,000 Lebanese pounds per dollar, while World Bank data show that more than 50 percent of Lebanese currently live below the poverty line.

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