With Knives.. Hezbollah Supporters Attack Protesters in Beirut

Supporters of Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia on Friday, attacked a group of demonstrators who organized protests in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

The clashes began when a young Hezbollah supporter hit a protester who was blocking main roads with a knife, as clashes broke out between party supporters and protesters.

Hundreds of Lebanese staged demonstrations in various parts of the capital Beirut and other cities in the country to protest the difficult economic situation.

The demonstrators also blocked a number of main roads and burned tires in some areas, before the situation developed into confrontations and clashes.

Beirut, the South Road and the Bekaa have been witnessing widespread protests since this afternoon, and a number of main roads remain closed, as when the security forces succeed in opening some roads, protesters rush to block other new roads.

It is noteworthy that the demonstrations have renewed in Lebanon since last Tuesday, after the dollar’s exchange rate rose to an unprecedented level and reached ten thousand Lebanese pounds, which led to an increase in food prices.

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