Women Fighters, a Restoration of Power, or Another Kind of Capitulation

By: MENA Monitor analyst unit The idea of a female involvement in fighting battles is not strange to what generations have always inherited as it has been woven after myths. Mobilization of women throughout the world correlates with this inherited culture. However, there is always a margin in between the […]

Religious Feminism, from Sufism to Ideologization Qubaisyats is an example

By: Huzan Khadaj Digging deep into the grooves of Islamic heritage, particularly the jurisprudent scripts, we can see that the case of women in Islam is part of the controversial concepts over which Islamic groups haven’t come to a compromise. These concepts have always affected women’s social and political practices. […]

The Woman in the Course of Development

By: Huzan Khadaj This research stems from a basic and systematic assumption that refers to Arab and Islamic cultural heritage and thought as being subjugated to a shrinking and contradictory row. The purpose of this trend, which has been responsible for the formulation of attitudes towards the Woman, is to […]

Islamic Feministic Movement (Gender Jihad)

By: Huzan Khadaj The discourse used while talking about women has taken many conceptual and criterial formulas that men have come to about women. This started with Jean Jacques Rousseau in his book “Her gender and Ours” up to present day. Women are still looking for their existence and role. […]

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